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The Adventure Hiking Trails and Their Attractions

Meeting the people and experiencing the landscape of the Isarco Valley

Since time immemorial, the Valley of Trails has helped shape the ways of its people. People avoided the swampy valleys; travel routes ran over the mountains. As a result, there were inns, taverns, churches and monasteries on the plateaus of the Isarco Valley even back in ancient times and in the Middle Ages. Since then, numerous trails have led through the unique landscape.

Today’s themed trails allow for an in-depth look at the fascinating past of the Isarco Valley. Paths and tunnels, created by man, lead for kilometers through the countryside. The Erze und Kristalle Trail (Ore and Crystals) is a good example. There are other themed trails that lend insight into the passion of the farmers for their land, such as Regionale Produkte und ihre Meister (Regional Products and Their Creators) and Bauerntum: Bewahrer der Heimat (The Peasantry: Keeper of the Region). In the alpine pasture huts visitors will find sustenance and farm-fresh products such as alpine dairy or goat cheese.

The Isarco Valley’s three themed trails
The valley’s three themed trails lead the hiker on a journey into the world of mining and peasant culture, where you’ll enjoy a first-hand experience of regional products and traditional crafts. Tours and tastings allow you to delve deeply into what is happening and to come into contact with farmers, wine producers and the life led by miners. 

All themed trails are easily accessible using public transport.