Winter hiking

Discovering hidden treasures

Experience the unique and beautiful winter scenery of the Puez-Geisler Nature Park. Hike through snow-covered forests and high-altitude meadows while discovering the hidden jewels of this pristine nature. A lot of beautiful winter hiking trails wind on prepared snow through a landscape of snow-capped mountain tops and forests. Along the way, the wonders of winter can be seen and experienced amidst the unspoiled Alpine nature of the area. The bright winter sun and the fresh air provide a wide view of the surrounding mountain world. Either on the way or uppon arrival, one can also warm up with some South Tyrolean delicacies in one of the many mountain huts and inns.

Some suggestions:
Gampen Alm (approx. 2,5 h)
Start at Zanz (1,680 m), on to Gampenwiesen to Gampen Alm (2,062 m). To return at Zans pass the Kirchwiesl.

Kaserill Alm (approx. 2 h)
Start at Zans (1,680 m), on to Kirchwiesl to Kaserill Alm (1,920 m).

Ranui - Zans (approx. 2 h)
Start at Ranui (car park Waldschenke 1,370 m), on to Plantschei to Zans.

Nature Experience Trail (approx. 1,5 h)
Start at the car park Zans, leads through different meadows to a game reserve, past a lime kiln and back to the car park.

Geisler Alm (approx. 3 h)
Start at Zans (1,680 m), via forest trail no. 33 and 33B to the forester's lodge and via no. 34 on to the Geisler Alm (2000 m). Return via the same path.

Zans - Glatsch Alm (approx. 1,5 h)
From the Zans car park (1680 m) via forest trail no. 36 to the Glatsch Alm (1902 m) and back via the same trail.