St. Peter Church

Parish Church of St. Peter

Dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul

A church of "Valnes" was already mentioned for the first time around 1058. Traces of this old church would be found under the floor of today's neo-classical church, which was built over two hundred years ago and is one of the most impressive churches of the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone. A golden inscription above the triumphal arch at the entrance to the priesthood choir proudly announces that the Church has been built by the religious community.

The present building of the parish church is a true architectural masterpiece, designed by Matthäus Wachter of Bolzano in 1795.

The interior is a large, bright space, to which the cool-coloured dome frescoes (1798) by the late Baroque painter Joseph Schöpf (1745-1822) give the most value. In 1905, JM Pescoller renovated it thoroughly, characterizing the original neoclassical room with baroque elements.

The scagliola high altar shows at its sides the statues of the church patrons Peter and Paul. The Romanesque baptismal font, dating from the 13th century, is likely to come from the first church.

The freestanding bell tower with its unusual shape was built around 1897. It is 65 metres high and has a peal of six harmonious bells, renovated in 1990. The imposing building is a guide to heaven, widely visible to the faithful.

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