Genuine fresh farmer products

Straight from the farm

Garden-fresh, wholesome and seasonal farmer products. The high quality farmer products of the Val di Funes come exclusively from local agriculture. In addition to fruits and vegetables in season, you can find eggs, dairy products, honey, wine, herbs, homemade jams and juices, and even handmade sheep’s wool products.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at both the farms Mesnerhof (+39 0472 844 013) and the Plattfußhof (+39 0472 844 103) in Tiso/Teis.

At the farm Obermantingerhof in St. Magdalena you may purchase Speck and smoked sausages, fresh eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as wooden figures.
Mobile: +39 347 7965986

You may purchase fresh eggs from the farm at Mitterflitzhof. Nowadays it is common knowledge tha not all eggs are the same. Free-range eggs bearing the 'Red Rooster' brand are the best proof that eggs from happy hens have an unbeatable taste.
Phone: +39 0472 832283
Mobile: +39 338 4477190