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Farm products

Farmer's shop

Deliscious and healthy products from South Tyrol

From July 2020, in the newly founded farmer's shop good, healthy and home-made products will be waiting for you. The shop is located directly in the village centre of St. Peter in the Viel Nois Guest House. At the stalls in St. Peter, homemade delicacies, fresh vegetables, meat, herbs, dairy products, honey, wine and other products directly produced on local farms are on sale. The aim is to be able to pass on the products directly to the consumer. Locals and guests have the choice of various products from Villnöß Valley.
Somtimes the farmers also reveal some of their secret recipes.

Tuesday - Sunday: open all day long
Monday: closed

Participating farmers

  • Various herb products - Obexer Carmen - Funes Mountain Herb Garden, S. Maddalena/Funes; personal advice every Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Organic white wines - Müller Thurgau, Riesling, Incrocio Manzoni - Huaberhof, Tiso/Funes
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables - Gnellerhof, Tiso/Funes; direct sale every Tuesday from 9 am to 11 am
  • Eggs (chickens, quails, ducks - subject to availability), yoghurt, fruit jams, syrups, herb salt, processed vegetables - Proderhof, S. Maddalena/Funes
  • Salami, smoked sausage, ham, Villnösser Brillenschaf sheep ragout - Furchetta KG
  • Various wool products - Naturwoll
  • Various turning jobs - Felthunerhof Colle/Funes
  • Organic products of young cattle (Chilli with meat, meat sauce, beef broth) - Ganoihof S. Pietro/Funes