Andesit Kerner

High-class wine

Fresh fruity wines from Val di Funes/Villnöss

In the vineyards between Nave/Nafen and Tiso/Teis, thanks to the warm days and cool nights, different kinds of grapes ripen on mineral soils. With much effort, the wine growers of the area are involved in the maintenance of the wines on the partly steep slopes, and they grow mainly Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner grapes.

ANDESIT is the Kerner wine, created by the Tiso/Teis Mineral Museum. The grapes come from the vineyards of Fasserhof at Tiso, at 900 m above sea level. The soil of volcanic andesite rock, in which also the Tiso/Teis Geodes have emerged, provides a very fresh, fruity wine with delicate acidity and high mineral content.

The Müller Thurgau SASS RIGAIS is another white wine from this area. The grapes are harvested by Dörer at Mileins and improved by Manni Nössing - Hoandlhof of Bressanone.

It comes from Tiso/Teis also the Müller Thurgau HUABER WEINGORT from Huaber-Hof. This fresh white wine, with a fine bouquet, has a pronounced varietal character and a dry, slightly aromatic taste. The grapes are grown at Tiso/Teis and the final product is bottled by Alois Lageder at Margreid.
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