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Dolomites UNESCO Infopoint

Dolomites UNESCO Infopoint Zannes

Amazement: There is nothing better describing the Dolomites than this feeling. Marvel at their beauty,  at a masterpiece of nature. It took 270 million years to make it. In the info point you will pass through them in fast motion - up to the present day, when the Dolomites are a " UNESCO World Heritage Site ". This exhibition about the Dolomites describes the development and existence of this landscape, whose "extraordinary beauty and geological peculiarity". The architecture:
The rocks, once in the seabed, now build peaks and are inclined, bent or folded. This story of evolution was adopted by Arch. Christa Mair (Studio PLAN_AR- Nals) in the architectural concept of the building and interior design.
Dolomites UNESCO Info PointDolomites UNESCO Info Point
Dolomites UNESCO Info PointDolomites UNESCO Info Point