Winter in Villnöss/Funes valley
Sustainable tourism

Alpine Pearls

Eco-friendly holidays in South Tyrol

The Alpine Pearls Association offers environmentally friendly, carefree holidays in gorgeous destinations in the Alps. The network was established in 2006 and counts now 19 member villages, the "Pearls of the Alps". All Pearls of the Alps stand together for soft mobility and they guarantee relaxing holidays with an eco-friendly footprint. Alpine Pearls focuses on green mobility and car and carefree holidays. It has been for years the name for first-class quality when it comes to soft mobility in the Alps.

As a Pearl of the Alps, Villnöss valley stands for sustainable tourism and makes every effort to protect the climate and preserve the environment. It offers unforgettable experiences among one of the most beautiful Dolomite areas, focuses on environmentally friendly tourism and guarantees environmentally friendly mobility. This begins with the stress-free arrival in our valley without a car and continues on the spot with high quality connections to public transport.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in the South Tyrolean Alps with activity, action, enjoyment and relaxation. The Funes/Villnöss Valley in the Dolomites is a paradise for guests looking for real deceleration.
Sustainable tourism