Bread baking at Tiso/Teis
At Teis/Tiso Mineral Museum
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Baking bread
Baking together traditional bread in a wood-burning oven is fun and not difficult. During the summer, children will not get bored because when preparing fresh bread the traditional way on the farm, their help is needed. The farmers demonstrate step by step how to mix all ingredients to form a dough. People are invited to lend a hand, and while the dough rises, they may discover the farm, the garden and the animals such as cows, calves, pigs and rabbits. Finally, the loaves will be baked in a wood-burning oven and, afterwards, tasted together. An interesting and exciting experience for the whole family.

Mineral Museum
In the centre of the picturesque village of Teis/Tiso is situated the Mineral Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of the origin and nature of the crystals exhibited in the museum. The exposed rock crystals have all been recovered by the mineral collector Paul Fischnaller. The most famous crystals are the so-called “Teis/Tiso Geods” that are embedded in their bedrock and hide the wonderful minerals at the inside. By participating at the excursion with Paul Fischnaller "Tracking down Teis Geods” you can tempt fate searching for the magnificent geodes. Especially children are excited to become researchers of small precious treasures.

Along the three short Geotrails in Teis hikers find detailed information about the geological and botanical characteristics of the surroundings.

High Ropes Adventure
The High Ropes Adventure Park, within the Puez-Geisler Nature Park, provides excitement and thrill for young and old. 

Rock Climbing Course
Out in the open children dare their first climbing attempts. The rock climbing park near the Adolf Munkel Trail is the place where our experienced guides teach the basics of rock climbing. Small climbers fearlessly follow in Reinhold Messner’s footsteps, the world-famous mountaineer. Rock climbing is an amusing way to develop stamina and dexterity, and an unforgettable experience for little adventurous.

Secrets of the forest
During the colourful autumn, families interested in nature learn in a playful way about the forest and its inhabitants together with an expert. Woods are a real treasure chest of nature. They are not only habitat for different plants and animals, but also an ideal retreat for humans. The children learn all about the trees and animals found in the forests in a fun way.
Tiso/Teis Geodes
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