Hiking in the mountains

Exploring the best views in the Dolomite Funes Valley

The best way to explore the valley is to walk and to hike. Many idyllic places on the bottom of the valley are waiting to be discovered. Walking on the edge of the forests you may watch the butterflies dancing over the blossoming meadows.

There is no need to climb the highest peaks to enjoy breathtaking views. Hiking in the Dolomites of Funes/Villnöss Valley is something magical. Get barefoot into a clear mountain stream, lie in the grass and enjoy the sunny day or have a rest in one of our alpine huts. The picturesque surroundings of our beautiful nature guarantee wonderful hiking experiences.

Nature lovers may enjoy many hiking trails, stretched across meadows and forests, such as quiet walks, easy excursions towards the alpine huts, funny family excursions, exciting themed trails and also challenging via ferrata routes. Each trail offers wonderful panoramic views, and deep insights into a still intact natural and cultural landscape.