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Slow Food Travel

The philosophy of Slow Food Travel

Good, clean and fair food

Slow Food

Slow Food is a non-profit association, but first and foremost a worldwide movement of people committed to restoring the right value to food by respecting those who produce it, in harmony with the environment and starting from knowledge of local territories and traditions. Slow Food stands for
  • the preservation of the diversity of food and agriculture,
  • traditional food production,
  • regional cuisines and eating traditions,
  • diversity of taste in food and drink,
  • support for artisanal and rural food producers,
  • active cooperation between consumers and producers.

Slow Food Travel

Slow Food Travel is a Slow Food project that aims to develop and promote a sustainable travel experience in line with the Slow Food philosophy. The project focuses on food, its processing and producers, which form the basis for all tourism activities. The interaction between different sectors such as agriculture, gastronomy and the hotel industry as well as trade and crafts is important.
It is a new travel model made up of meetings and exchanges with farmers, cheesemakers and shepherds, butchers and bakers and winegrowers who, together with the chefs who cook their products, become narrators and guides of their territories. The project aims to develop a travel experience based on the promotion of local gastronomic, agricultural and cultural biodiversity through intensive visitor participation.
Slow Food Travel promises the careful preparation of traditional dishes from high-quality raw materials combined with warm hospitality.

Villnöss valley - a Slow Food Travel destination

Situated in the heart of the Dolomites, Villnöss valley is the new destination of Slow Food Travel, the Slow Food project that proposes tourist routes with the aim of bringing travellers closer to the conservation of food biodiversity and knowledge of local cultures, identities and gastronomies. In the authentic Villnöss valley, the farming culture and sustainability can be perceived through the lifestyle of the local population. The wide range of activities and culinary delights using local produce offer ideal conditions for nature lovers seeking deceleration in the midst of the mountain world.
It was therefore natural for Slow Food to work with the many artisan producers, skilled restaurateurs and impeccable hoteliers of Villnöss valley to create the first Slow Food Travel Destination in South Tyrol, highlighting the special features of a gastronomy that is unique in terms of quality and sustainability. A process that has made it possible to combine the many excellent products of Villnöss valley and develop a sustainable gastronomic travel experience.
Villnöss has been awarded a "Pearl of the Alps", a quality seal for a soft-mobility holiday in the Alps. But above all, the Villnöss valley stands out for the quality and authenticity of its gastronomic offer: from the small producers of the mountain farms with their cheeses, brown bread and bacon to the vineyards of the Eisacktal valley, where the vines of world-famous wines thrive. This heritage is enhanced by local inns and restaurants that highlight the uniqueness of the area.

Join us on a journey to the roots of good taste. Degustaste the delicacies our region has to offer and experience the ancient history of our food: a story of tradition, passion and careful selection of raw materials.
On your route through Villnöss valley you will encounter numerous possibilities to discover Slow Food Travel experiences.

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